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Arizona Bike Week is not canceled.

We are aware of the President’s and CDC’s recommendation of “social distancing” until the end of March.

We are also aware that many events that were scheduled for beyond that time period have canceled. Most of these events have done so voluntarily. Some have been mandated cancellations or postponements but those are located in “hot spot” areas and are very limited.

The events that have canceled voluntarily are using phrases like “in an overabundance of caution…” As riders, we have chosen a lifestyle that many feel does not display an overabundance of caution. Non-riders question why we would choose motorcycles over what they view as safer and more comfortable modes of transportation. We have all had those discussions where we’ve tried to explain the concept of wind therapy and the freedom of the open road to those who don’t get it. We are a unique group and we don’t follow the herd. We choose to take the road less traveled.

Being told to not assemble because we may not be personally responsible is contrary to the freedom of choice we live by. When we ride as a group, we trust that the other riders take personal responsibility. Likewise, we would do the best we could to monitor our own health and not risk illness to others. It is a given that if one of our group breaks down or is in need of assistance, we know we can count on our like-minded freedom riders to help.

We have always been committed to the safety of all who attend our event. This year we will be implementing increased sanitary measures as a precaution to COVID-19. There are many permanent restrooms at WestWorld, with soap and running water. We are adding extra hand sanitizing stations. Our hospitality team will also uphold their commitment to optimal health and hygiene care, which includes enhanced proactive cleaning and disinfecting schedules. We ask that do your part by applying good personal hygiene habits.

Honoring our commitments to you has always been of paramount importance to the Arizona Bike Week team and this year is no exception. We will not take the choice of assembling away from our personally responsible riding community.

We are continuing to monitor and working closely with the City of Scottsdale, which is being led by the very sensible Mayor Jim Lane. As of this writing, the Mayor has adopted a levelheaded approach, emphasizing personal responsibility if your choice is to attend an event. We fully support his steadfast leadership and commend Mayor Jim Lane for being a “cooler head” in the sea of pandemonium.

We wish you safe travels,
Arizona Bike Week